With her degree in History and Secondary Education, Jennifer Jenkins had every intention of teaching teens to love George Washington, the Napoleonic Wars, and Ancient Sparta … until the writing began. She is the author of the NAMELESS Trilogy (YA Fantasy, Month9Books) and co-founder of Teen Author Boot Camp, a federal non-profit organization dedicated to promoting teen literacy and authorship. She divides her free time between reading, writing music, taking spontaneous trips, researching random events from the past, and fostering her adrenaline junkie addictions.

She loves hearing from her readers. Contact her at jen(at)teenauthorbc(dot)com

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Nameless Cover

NAMELESS : Young Adult. First installment of the three-book series released October 6, 2015 with Month9Books.

Four clans have been at war for centuries: the Kodiak, the Raven, the Wolf and the Ram. Through brutal war tactics, the Ram have dominated the region, inflicting death and destruction on their neighbors.

Seventeen-year-old Zo is a Wolf and a Healer who volunteers to infiltrate the Ram as a spy on behalf of the allied clans. She offers herself as a Ram slave, joining the people who are called the “nameless”. Hers is a suicide mission – Zo’s despair after losing her parents in a Ram raid has left her seeking both revenge and an end to her own misery. But after her younger sister follows her into Rams Gate, Zo must find a way to survive her dangerous mission and keep her sister safe.

What she doesn’t expect to find is the friendship of a young Ram whose life she saves, the confusing feelings she develops for a Ram soldier, and an underground nameless insurrection. Zo learns that revenge, loyalty and love are more complicated than she ever imagined in the first installment of this three-book series.

attachment-1CLANLESS: Book 2 in the Nameless Series. Released Oct 4, 2016
Premise: Striker Gryphon has lost his position of honor among the Ram, and is now a hunted man. A traitor.
Zo, the object of his affection, was murdered by members of his former clan. To honor her memory, he journeys to the highly secretive Raven “Nest” to warn strangers of their impending demise—though it could cost him more than just his pride.
He doesn’t know that Zo is very much alive and in another part of the region assisting Nameless refugees over a mountain swarming with wild men known as “Clanless.”
As each struggle to make sense of what their lives have become, they fight and claw to reach the Allied Camp, their last hope in bringing peace to the region.
But the road back to one another is treacherous and uncertain. And freedom will come with a price.

The final book in the NAMELESS Series releases October 17, 2017.

In exactly twenty-three days, Gryphon will offer his life to Chief Barnabas in exchange for the lives of his best friend and mess brothers. Until then, he must keep his plans from Zo while avoiding the Wolves of the Allied Camp.
But Gryphon is not the only one harboring secrets.
To spare her own life, Zo has made a blood oath promising to help the Kodiak Clan free their families living as Nameless slaves. When Gryphon learns the truth—that the peaceful life he’d planned for Zo is not secure—he divulges a secret that will give the Allies the upper hand against the Ram.
Now, The Great Move is underway and a final battle between the Wolf, Ram, Kodiak and Raven cannot be stopped. 
Strength will be tested. Loyalties will be questioned. Alliances will form. 
In a world of uncertainty and danger, Zo and Gryphon may finally have what they’ve each always wanted. 

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School Visits

As a founder of Teen Author Boot Camp, Inc. (a federal 501c3 charity dedicated to promoting literacy and authorship among teens), Jennifer LOVES working in the classroom with teenagers.

She has a great deal of experience teaching in high school and junior high English and Creative Writing classes. She also enjoys speaking in assembly formats to larger audiences on the importance in believing in yourself, setting goals, and chasing after your dreams.  735051_487181378014853_1121122823_nWith over ten different, age-appropriate presentations to choose from, teachers may literally select a topic to suit their current curriculum.




Some of her favorite Class Presentations include:

Idea Inventions (good for a younger crowd):
Learn how authors get their ideas. There are stories all around you
waiting to be told. Find them!

Reading and Writing: A Recipe for Success
(recommended for general English Classes/Small Assembly)

Contrary to some popular teenage opinion, reading and writing are two of the most important skills successful people master. In this class we take a fun approach into how reading and writing have shaped successful people in pop culture and how they can do the same for teens!

Plotting Gold in 15 Beats

Almost all of your favorite books and films have one thing in common: they all contain fifteen “beats” or important moments. In this class we will explore and explain each of these “beats” and even the best order in which to write them. Whether you consider yourself a plotter or prefer writing by the seat of your pants, this is the single most useful plotting system you may ever use. (Much of the content from this class will come from Blake Snyder’s book on plotting entitled,
“Save the Cat”.)

Making Dialogue Your Best Friend
Dialogue wants to be your best friend, and if used right, it
definitely will be. This class will teach you not only the basics of dialogue but how to use dialogue to help you move your plot forward, build tension, develop characters, and perfect your pacing. We will also discuss how to avoid making dialogue your enemy.

Tension and Pacing
Have you ever been in love with a story concept, written out the first
five chapters and then hit a wall? We all have, and the good news is,
there is a solution. Let me help you up the stakes of your mystery
novel, make your romance all the more desirable, twist your villain
into knots, and make your reader genuinely wonder if happily ever
after is still even a possibility.

Dangling the Bait: First Chapters that Hook!
Pulling a reader into the first chapter of your book can be as hard as
catching Great Whites with garden worms. After judging over 800 first chapters for the Teen Author Boot Camp First Chapter Contest, I’ve learned a thing or two about what to do and what not to do when writing that ever elusive, yet profoundly important story opening. Come learn some extremely simple, yet chapter changing techniques you can use to not let the reader get away.

Let’s Get Serious (Advanced Class)
You’ve covered the basics of writing novel-length fiction, now let’s
get serious! We’ll discuss elements of writing that set the ammeter
and professional apart: braiding action, dialog, and description, the
power of active voice, and characterization on steroids, to name a

How do I get her to come to my school?

Please contact Jennifer’s publicist for details as she approaches each speaking opportunity on a case by case basis. Publicist: Jaime Arnold  publicity@month9books.com




February 27th Lunch with an Author
American Leadership Academy

March 11th Writing for Charity
Utah Valley University, Orem, UT

March 25th Teen Author Boot Camp
Utah Valley Convention Center, Provo, UT

May 12th-13th LDStorymakers Conference
Utah Valley Convention Center, Provo, UT

September 21st-23rd Salt Lake Comic Con
Salt Palace, Salt Lake City, UT

October 17th 7:00 pm FEARLESS LAUNCH PARTY
Provo City Library, Provo, UT

October 28th Teen Author Boot Camp-Idaho
Rexburg, ID

November 4th Writing For Charity
Utah Valley University, Orem, UT


January 28th Meet the Author
Barnes and Noble: Orem, Utah at 7:00 pm
*I’ll be joined at this event with Jessica Day George, Sara B. Larsen, Valynne Maetani, Bree Despain, and Eric James Stone.

February 11th Confetti Books Joint Signing
273 N Main St, Spanish Fork, UT 6:00-7:30pm
*Joined by J. Scott Savage, Lois D. Brown, and Nichole Van

February 22nd Cameron Village Library
Raleigh, NC from 7:00-8:30 pm
*Joined by Leigh Statham, Julie Reece, Jen McConnel, and Vickie Weavil

February 26-27  ApollyCon
Hilton Desoto, Savannah, GA

March 5th Teen Author Boot Camp!!!
Utah Valley Convention Center, Provo, Utah
*I’ll be teaching a class entitled, “Plotting Gold in 15 Beats”

March 18th Writing For Charity Conference  
Layton, Utah
More info soon!

March 24-26 FanX (from the creators of SLComic Con)
Salt Palace, Salt Lake City, Utah
Panel details to follow.

April 26th Tween Author Boot Camp
Provo Library at Academy Square, Provo, Utah
*Acting as MC for this event. So excited!

May 5-6th Storymakers Conference
Utah Valley Convention Center, Provo Utah
*Teaching a class entitled: “Suspense and Tension: Make your story a ticking time bomb!” as well as teaching a World Building breakout on Thursday

June 9th B-Fest B
Barnes and Noble: Gateway Location

June 25th American Library Association Annual Conference

June 29th Write On!
Westminster College, Utah
Signing and book talk at 3:00 pm

September 1-2 Salt Lake Comic Con/Teen Author Boot Camp!
Salt Palace, Salt Lake City, UT
More info to follow!

Provo City Library
7:00 pm

October 9th New York Comic Con


Writing For Charity Conference- MARCH 21, 2015  

Provo Library at Academy Square, Provo, Utah
*Such a good cause! I’ll be teaching a class on building tension in your writing.

Teen Author Boot Camp!!!- April 11, 2015
Utah Valley University, Orem, Utah
*I’ll be teaching an advanced class entitled, “Let’s Get Serious”
For more info visit teenauthorbootcamp.com

Book Expo America/Book Con- May 31st
Jarvis Center, New York City
*I’ll be signing Sunday at Book Con which is open to the public. Come and get a FREE galley copy of my new book NAMELESS that doesn’t officially release until October 6, 2015. (Limited Supply)

American Library Association (ALA)- June 25-30
Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA
*Signing info to come

Salt Lake City Comic Con- September 24-26, 2015
Salt Palace, Salt Lake City, Utah
Sept. 24th:
2:00 pm Panel: The Hobbit Movie Trilogy: Ending the Cinematic Journey Through Middle Earth

Sept 25th:
3:00 pm Panel: Young Adult Novels and the Hollywood Hit (and Miss) Machine

Mysteries of Cove Launch Party- October 1, 2015
Mountain View High School, Orem, Utah  at 7:00 pm

*Join me and James Dashner, Brandon Mull, Jennifer Nielsen, and several other fantastic authors in celebrating the Mysteries of Cove book launch at . I’ll be on stage doing a little sketch comedy during the show and will also be signing NAMELESS afterwards.  (You can buy the book at this event 5 days before it actually releases)

Provo Library, Provo, Utah 7:00 pm
*The King’s English will be selling books at the event. I’ll be giving away several books and other prizes. I have a few other tricks up my sleeve as well. Be assured that shenanigans will ensue.

The Kings English, Salt Lake City, Utah 7:00 pm
*The King’s English will be selling books at the event. I’ll be giving away several books and other prizes. I have a few other tricks up my sleeve as well. Be assured that shenanigans will ensue.