FISH OUT OF WATER- Natalie Whipple

fishMy first book review of 2015 is Natalie Whipple’s latest, and in my opinion, greatest.

FISH OUT OF WATER is a story about a Japanese-American girl whose summer turns to shambles when her racist, Alzheimer’s, grandmother shows up on her doorstep and a spoiled rich-kid named Dylan invades her pet store work place.

This is a love story. But the premise is so three deminsional that the reader is faced with a myriad of conflicts that all lead to the same, well-crafted point. Love is diverse and sometimes hurtful, but worth it in the end.

I’m a big Natalie Whipple fan, and I have to say, this is BY FAR my favorite book she’s written. The romantic tension she builds between Dylan and Mika is palpable and the confusing love she discovers for her grandmother endearing and authentic. Add a twist of The Princess Bride and you have something truly special.

It’s available for pre-order now. Pick this one up, folks.



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