From NYC to San Francisco

I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to post. A lot has happened (and is happening) with the NAMELESS release approaching. Here’s the five second version:

I went to Book Expo America in NYC with a few Cubies (Jo and Lois!) and my delightful agent, Amy Jameson, to do a signing for NAMELESS. (releases Oct 6)

Caught a few plays on Broadway.

Biked Central Park

Hung with my old pal James Dashner.

Met my publisher, the fearless Georgia McBride. (THIS WOMAN!)

And spent a lot of time in airports.

Then, almost exactly a month later I went to ALA (American Library Association) in San Francisco for another signing.

(I look like I’m challenging her to a dual or something)


Had lunch with some author friends.


Proper English Tea with my adorable publicists, Jaime Arnold, and some new blogger friends. (Thank you, Month9Books!)

nd even survived my scary, haunted hotel.

From all of these experiences, I pretty much learned three things:
1. Readers/Bloggers/Librarians are amazing, lovely people
2. No matter how wonderful the adventure, coming home to my husband and kids is always the best
3. I dislike airports on a molecular level

My next stop is Raleigh, NC in September for the Southern Independent Booksellers Assoc.  Between now and then I have a lot of writing to do and a lot of childrens’ soccer and baseball games to attend. 😛

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