I’ve had several authors tell me about the emotional ride which accompanies releasing a debut novel. Up until now, I admit I thought they exaggerated the emotional, exhausting ride. So much work goes into preparing for a book release, and if it doesn’t kill me, it might just be one of the coolest things I’ve ever done.COVER

To all of my family and friends who’ve supported me in this process, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

To the crazy-awesome bloggers who have, in some cases, threatened the lives of their friends if they didn’t read my book, thank you for your MIND BLOWING reviews and support. Consider yourselves family from here on out! Jaime (my publicist), you’re an angel.

To all of my potential readers, I hope you enjoy NAMELESS!

Just a friendly reminder that the best way to support an author is by leaving honest reviews online.

If you can’t  make it to my launch party, here are a few pics to give you an idea of what you’re missing.

You can buy NAMELESS at any of the following retailers:
Barnes and Noble
Google Play

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