As a founder of Teen Author Boot Camp, Inc. (a federal 501c3 charity dedicated to promoting literacy and authorship among teens), Jennifer LOVES working in the classroom with teenagers.



She has a great deal of experience teaching in high school and junior high English and Creative Writing classes. She also enjoys speaking in assembly formats to larger audiences on the importance of believing in yourself, setting goals, and chasing after your dreams.  With over ten different, age-appropriate presentations to choose from, teachers may literally select a topic to suit their current curriculum.




Some of her favorite Class Presentations include:

Idea Inventions (good for a younger crowd):
Learn how authors get their ideas. There are stories all around you
waiting to be told. Find them!

Reading and Writing: A Recipe for Success
(recommended for general English Classes/Small Assembly)

Contrary to some popular teenage opinion, reading and writing are two of the most important skills successful people master. In this class we discuss how to grab success by the horns and take a fun approach into how reading and writing have shaped successful people in pop culture and how they can do the same for teens!

Plotting Gold in 15 Beats

Almost all of your favorite books and films have one thing in common: they all contain fifteen “beats” or important moments. In this class we will explore and explain each of these “beats” and even the best order in which to write them. Whether you consider yourself a plotter or prefer writing by the seat of your pants, this is the single most useful plotting system you may ever use. (Much of the content from this class will come from Blake Snyder’s book on plotting entitled,
“Save the Cat”.)

Making Dialogue Your Best Friend
Dialogue wants to be your best friend, and if used right, it
definitely will be. This class will teach you not only the basics of dialogue but how to use dialogue to help you move your plot forward, build tension, develop characters, and perfect your pacing. We will also discuss how to avoid making dialogue your enemy.

Tension and Pacing
Have you ever been in love with a story concept, written out the first
five chapters and then hit a wall? We all have, and the good news is,
there is a solution. Let me help you up the stakes of your mystery
novel, make your romance all the more desirable, twist your villain
into knots, and make your reader genuinely wonder if happily ever
after is still even a possibility.

Dangling the Bait: First Chapters that Hook!
Pulling a reader into the first chapter of your book can be as hard as
catching Great Whites with garden worms. After judging over 800 first chapters for the Teen Author Boot Camp First Chapter Contest, I’ve learned a thing or two about what to do and what not to do when writing that ever elusive, yet profoundly important story opening. Come learn some extremely simple, yet chapter changing techniques you can use to not let the reader get away.

Let’s Get Serious (Advanced Class)
You’ve covered the basics of writing novel-length fiction, now let’s
get serious! We’ll discuss elements of writing that set the ammeter
and professional apart: braiding action, dialog, and description, the
power of active voice, and characterization on steroids, to name a

How do I get her to come to my school?

Please contact Jennifer’s publicist for details as she approaches each speaking opportunity on a case by case basis.